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Antibiotic Resistance Genes in GMOs
(Last revised: February 28, 2006 )


A critical and very controversial aspect of the antibiotic resistance issue is the utilisation of antibiotic resistance genes as selection markers in genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The main safety concern relates to the escape or transfer of the antibiotic resistance genes to sensitive bacterial strains when these GMOs are introduced into the environment.

This chapter gives a survey of GMOs containing an antibiotic resistance gene and approved or notified for marketing under European Directive 90/220/EEC.

Please note that this chapter has not been updated yet with data later than the entry into force of the new european regulatory framework, Directive 2001/18/EC.

* Micro-organisms

* Plants

* Further reading

Further information regarding the antibiotic resistance issue (types of antibiotics, related resistance genes, clinical/environmental distribution) is also available from our antibioresistance archive.

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