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About this Web Site
(Last revised: January 27, 2016 )

The Belgian Biosafety Server is one of the Web sites developed and managed by the Biosafety and Biotechnology Unit (SBB) of the Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP).
The WIV-ISP implements policies in response to the legal framework and priorities of the Federal Minister for Health and the Federal Public Service (FPS) for Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment.
The Belgian Biosafety Server belongs to the Belgian Federal Web sites.

Responsible Editor:

Philippe HERMAN, Ph.D
Didier BREYER, Ph.D

Editorial board:
  • Aline BALDO, Ph.D
  • Didier BREYER, Ph.D
  • Adinda DE SCHRIJVER, Ir. Ph.D
  • Chuong Dai DO THI, M.Sc.
  • Philippe HERMAN, Ph.D
  • Amaya LEUNDA, Ph.D
  • Katia PAUWELS, Ir. Ph.D
  • Nicolas WILLEMARCK, Ph.D
  • Emilie DESCAMPS, Ph.D
  • Fanny Coppens, M.Sc.
Main Official Partners:

# Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Food Chain Security and Environment
# Belgian Science Policy
# Flemish Region - Ministry of the Environment
# Walloon Region - Ministry of the Environment
# Brussels-Capital Region - Ministry of the Environment

# European Commission: DG JRC-IHCP - ENGL - EURL-GMFF


This Website focuses on scientific aspects related to the biological safety (biosafety) of human activities carried out using pathogenic and/or genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) or microorganisms (GMM). Due to the horizontal character of GMOs and biotechnology, the information provided concerns both R&D and market parameters of the agro-food/feed, pharmaceutical, medical, veterinary, agronomic and environmental sectors but also local and international regulations, guidelines and agencies involved in biological safety including its biodiversity dimension.


This Web site primarily aims at providing science-based information related to biosafety to people involved in the medical, veterinary, agronomical and biotechnological sectors.
The chapter "Biosafety in Belgium" provides an online help to scientists working in laboratories, greenhouses, animal husbandries and large-scale units or involved in field testing as well as to investors active in GMO commercialisation at EU level. Technical and scientific data are made available with references to their regulatory context. The Belgian Biosafety Server provides in-depth scientific information not only for scientists and applicants but also for regulators, educators, policymakers and, last but not least, the general public.
The chapter "Biosafety in Europe" displays information related to the regulatory framework in force at the EU level and in European countries, mainly based on Directives 98/81/EC, 2001/18/EC and subsidiary Directives, Regulations, Decisions and Guidance documents.

The information provided on this site can also be reached according to thematic topics, so that readers can quickly find information they need in that respect.

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