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1. Flow Cytometry - Sample handling
(Author: P. Herman) (Last revised: July 10, 2006 )


Knowledge of the origin of the sample and awareness of the potential presence of pathogens and/or GMOs are keys for lab scientists' protection.

•  All unfixed materials (blood samples, various body fluids, cultured cells and environmental samples) should be a priori considered as biohazardous (The use of a fixative is not always sufficient to eliminate all type of biohazards). •  The use of CLASS II biological safety cabinet for sample preparation is highly recommended. •  Flow cytometer operators should be experienced and well trained. •  Appropriate containment level must be applied (according to the Directive 98/81/EC) in relation with the Biosafety status of the sample.

See laboratory techniques that produce aerosols in chapter 2 : Flow generated aerosols and/or droplets
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