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Biosafety in Belgium
(Last revised: February 14, 2011 )


General information

The Belgian regulatory framework
General overview of the regulatory provisions regarding the uses of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and pathogens.

The Cooperation Agreement concerning Biosafety
The legal framework which ensures the harmonised implementation of the above-mentioned legislation at the regional, federal and international levels and establishes a common scientific evaluation system between the federal State and the Regions for all biosafety-related matters.

The Belgian Biosafety Advisory Council (external link)
The first pillar of the common scientific evaluation system, composed of representatives of the relevant Regional and Federal authorities.

The Biosafety and Biotechnology Unit (SBB)
The second pillar of the common scientific evaluation system: a permanent center of expertise and communication in biosafety-related matters composed of a multidisciplinary group of scientists and a laboratory for biosafety research and GMO detection.

Thematic information
Contained use of GMOs and/or pathogenic organisms

General information about the regulatory framework and administrative procedures, as well as detailed tools for risk assessment and risk management relating to the use of pathogens and/or GMOs in contained facilities (laboratoria, animal husbandries, greenhouses, production plans, hospital rooms).
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Transgenic plants and GM Foods and Feeds

Regulatory and procedural aspects, as well as tools for risk assessment and risk management relating to the environmental release for experimental purpose of transgenic plants and the placing on the market of GMOs for cultivation, food or feed purpose.
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* Deliberate releases of transgenic plants in Belgium since 1999 (Database)

GMO-Medicinal products

Information about Research & Development activities with GMO-medicinal products, including Gene Therapy clinical trials in humans, clinical trials with GMO-veterinary vaccines and deliberate releases of humans and veterinary GMO-medicinal products.
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* Deliberate releases of GMO-medicinal products in Belgium since 1997 (Database)

Protection of Workers exposed to Biological Agents at work

Regulatory framework and contact point for activities in which workers are potentially exposed to biological agents as a result of their work.
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