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Biosafety and Biotechnology Unit (SBB)
(Last revised: February 14, 2011 )


Who are we?
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The Biosafety and Biotechnology Unit (SBB) is one of the Unit of the Scientific Institute of Public Health.
The SBB has been created in 1995.

The SBB is a multidisciplinary group of scientists (currently 11 people, mostly postgraduates) performing scientific expertise in the field of biosafety.

The SBB is committed to serve society by providing objective information on scientific issues related to Biosafety.
As part of a Federal scientific Institute, the SBB holds an independent position with regard to expertise in Biosafety, accessible to any public or private organisation including NGOs, consumer organisations, industry, universities, schools.
Upon request, one can appeal to the SBB expertise for public information and education, technology demonstration or discussion forums.

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