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Belgium - Release and Placing on the market of GMOs
(Last revised: July 24, 2015 )



* Competent Authorities for the experimental release of GM plants in the environment
* Competent Authorities for the placing on the market of GMOs for cultivation or as food/feed
* Technical Expert: Biosafety and Biotechnology Unit (SBB)

Regulatory framework

* Royal Decree of 21 February 2005 on the deliberate release into the environment and the placing on the market of GMOs or GMO-containing products
* Cooperation Agreement between the Federal State and the Regions on the administrative and scientific co-ordination concerning Biosafety

Deliberate release into the environment ("Part B")

* Authorisation procedure for the deliberate release of GMOs for experimental purposes
* Deliberate releases of transgenic plants in Belgium since 1999 (Database)
* Public information on Part B releases

Placing on the market ("Part C")

* Authorisation procedure for placing on the market of GMOs for cultivation or as food/feed
* Notification C/BE/96/01 (MS8, RF3 and MS8xRF3 oilseed rape) of Bayer CropScience

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