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Transgenic Plants and GM Foods/Feeds
(Last revised: June 13, 2007 )


Regulatory and Procedural aspects

Environmental release for experimental purpose and placing on the market in Belgium

Placing Transgenic Plants and GM Foods/Feeds on the EU Market

    Deliberate Release: Directive 2001/18/EC
GM Food/Feed: Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003
Traceability and Labeling: Regulation (EC) No 1830/2003

GMO Notifications & Authorisations at EU level

General information about these aspects can also be found on the website of the (FPS) Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment


Latest SBB Publications

Notification C/BE/96/01 of Bayer CropScience for the commercial release of MS8, RF3 and MS8xRF3 oilseed rape UPDATED !!!

Assessment of the Farm-Scale Evaluations (FSEs) trials

Antibiotic Resistance Genes in GMOs
Tools for risk assessment: Belgian Guidance documents

Guidelines for molecular characterisation of genetically modified higher plants

Molecular characterisation of the genetic maps of commercial transgenic plants

Guidelines on GM stacked hybrids (soon available)

Guidance notes for the safety assessment of GM crops for food and feed use

Tools for risk management: Belgian Guidance documents

Guidance note for the compilation of the public dossier within the framework of the deliberate release of transgenic plants for experimental purpose

Protocols for field releases of transgenic plants

Other Guidance documents

EFSA Guidance document for the risk assessment of genetically modified plants and derived food and feed

Guidance for the implementation in Belgium of the GMO legislation in the agro-food sector (published by the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Security and Environment) - Version NL - Version FR.

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