Host organism: Lilium longiflorum (Lily)

virus resistance (Lily Symptomless Virus)

Project title: 
Field trial on a limited scale to study under field conditions the expression of virus resistance against the Lily Symptomless Virus (LSV) in genetically modified virus resistant lilies
Laboratorium voor Bloembollenonderzoek
Year(s) of release: 
Effective year(s) of release: 
Period of release: 
Number of sites: 
Total surface: 
20 m2
Containment measures: 

Bulbs will be planted in plastic containers of 20x20x20cm from which no dispersal can occur. After the trial, the counted bulbs will be recovered from the soil. Spread of genetic material will be prevented by removing the flower buds before opening. No lilies are grown in the wide surroundings of the trial. The trial will be checked at regular intervals. All the operations conducted in the trial will be recorded in a logbook.

Monitoring measures: 

A post-release treatment will destroy any left-over plant material and after the trial Buddleja, roses, Hydrangea and ornamental Malus will be grown at the location of the trial.


Authorization procedure completed. The notifier was granted authorization from the Federal Minister to perform the trial.

Type of procedure: 
Classical procedure - Art. 9§1 of Royal Decree of 18 December 1998

According to art. 40 of the Royal Decree of 28/02/1994 the notifier needs an authorization for the use of captan, carbendazim and prochloraz to disinfect the bulblets before planting, metamitron for weed control, chloorthalonil and prochloraz for Botrytis control and the use of carbofuran for aphid control.

Information related to the decision procedure