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EU record number Company/Institution Host organism Project title Trait
B/BE/01/V2 Syngenta Mogen Potato Comparison of potatoes genetically modified to express an enhanced resistance to fungal pathogens with existing non-modified varieties, grown under standard agronomic conditions

fungal disease resistance

B/BE/01/V1 Laboratorium voor Bloembollenonderzoek Lily Field trial on a limited scale to study under field conditions the expression of virus resistance against the Lily Symptomless Virus (LSV) in genetically modified virus resistant lilies

virus resistance (Lily Symptomless Virus)

B/BE/01/V4 Aventis CropScience Maize Evaluation of new insect tolerant corn lines

insect resistance (European corn borer), herbicide tolerance (glufosinate)

B/BE/01/V5 Aventis CropScience Oilseed rape Field evaluation with genetically modified pod shatter resistant oilseed rape

pod shatter resistance, herbicide tolerance (glufosinate)

B/BE/01/V3 Aventis CropScience Indian Mustard Field evaluation of Brassica juncea hybrids and parental lines

herbicide tolerance (glufosinate), male sterility, fertility restorer