Clinical trials with GMOs: Some figures

In Belgium, the first clinical trial of a medicinal product containing a GMO was notified in 1996. It related to a gene therapy trial involving a recombinant Herpes simplex virus developed for treating cancers. Since 1996, a total of 43 clinical trials have been notified.


Figure: Number of clinical trials in Belgium involving GMO medicinal products for human use (in grey: trials notified under the "contained use" procedure only; in green: trials notified under both the "contained use" and the "deliberate release" procedures)


The vast majority of these trials relate to therapeutic vaccinations to treat cancer and primarily involve the adenovirus and vaccinia virus.

Figure: Clinical trials of GMO medicinal products for human use.
Breakdown of the dossiers by GMO type


A detailed description of each trial (protocol title, trial sponsor, recombinant vector type, authorisation procedure, hospital where the trial took place, investigator's name, etc.) is provided in the database.