Upcoming Events

  • Formation continue en biosécurité (FR)
    18/01/2019 (All day) to 30/06/2019 (All day)

    Le certificat en biosécurité offre un complément de formation aux responsables de la biosécurité dans les laboratoires et milieux confinés ainsi qu’aux conseillers en prévention des secteurs industriels chimiques et biotechnologiques.

  • VIB Conference ‘Emerging applications of microbes’
    03/06/2019 (All day) to 04/06/2019 (All day)

    Conference on the latest applications and technological developments in the field of microbiology, with session topics such as metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology as well as microbial communities.

  • EUROTOX 2019 - 55th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology
    08/09/2019 (All day) to 11/09/2019 (All day)

    EUROTOX is a Federation of more than 40 European societies of toxicology representing 7,500 European toxicologists. EUROTOX2019 will offer a change to tackle with the burning chemical safety challenges of the next decade. The theme of the Congress is “Toxicology – Science Providing Solutions”.
    The programme includes a session on "Advancing toxicological evaluations in resolving current policy controversies in GMO products".

  • International course Principles of Biosafety
    16/09/2019 (All day) to 20/09/2019 (All day)

    This international course provides a comprehensive review of all essential elements of risk assessment and risk management (Part 1) and highlights topics indispensable for biosafety practitioners to fulfil their tasks (Part 2).

  • ESGCT 27th annual congress
    22/10/2019 (All day) to 25/10/2019 (All day)

    Congress of the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy.

  • 62nd Annual Biological Safety Conference
    15/11/2019 (All day) to 20/11/2019 (All day)

    Annual Conference of ABSA International (American Biological Safety Association)

  • 63rd Annual Biological Safety Conference
    30/10/2020 (All day) to 04/11/2020 (All day)

    Annual Conference of ABSA International (American Biological Safety Association)