Upcoming Events

  • Bachelier en prévention, sécurité industrielle et environnement
    14/09/2020 (All day) to 30/06/2021 (All day)

    Les études de bachelier en prévention, sécurité industrielle et environnement sont professionnalisantes. Le programme comprend des aspects scientifiques, techniques, environnementaux, règlementaires et de santé. Il inclut des aspects biosécurité.

  • Certificat en biosécurité
    08/01/2021 (All day) to 11/06/2021 (All day)

    Les objectifs de la formation sont d’amener les candidats à un niveau de compréhension critique sur les aspects théoriques et pratiques des situations professionnelles complexes. A l’issue de la formation ils seront capables de gérer l’ensemble des activités, de la sécurité et des risques. La formation porte sur les aspects théoriques et est complétée de nombreuses démonstrations pratiques, exercices, analyses de cas, échanges de bonnes pratiques entre pairs.

  • ISO 35001 – An introduction into the biorisk management standard
    11/05/2021 - 10:00 to 13:30

    The ISO 35001 webinar aims to help you understand the fundamentals of the standard and how it can be applied to your organization. It will present the principles of biorisk management, identify the multiple components of a biorisk programme and explore ways to integrate them into the management system(s) in place or to be developed in an institution.

  • GMO Workshop on allergenicity assessment
    16/06/2021 (All day) to 17/06/2021 (All day)

    The aim of the workshop, organised by EFSA, is to set the scene on the current state-of-the-art in the science of allergenicity assessment and to define what specific elements of such assessment need to be developed to move forward a field still in its infancy.

  • Course 'Principles of Biosafety'
    13/09/2021 (All day) to 04/10/2021 (All day)

    This international course provides a comprehensive review of all essential elements of risk assessment and risk management and highlights topics indispensable for biosafety practitioners to fulfil their tasks.

  • Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology (4th edition)
    23/09/2021 (All day) to 24/09/2021 (All day)

    A VIB Tools & Technologies conference.
    Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology are revolutionizing Life Sciences. Driven by advances in the CRISPR-toolbox for rapid, cheap, multiplex modification of genomes and breakthroughs in DNA synthesis technologies, the pace of progress enabled by these tools in the last years has been breathtaking.

  • 16th ISBR Symposium - ISBR2021
    31/10/2021 (All day) to 04/11/2021 (All day)

    Bisannual meeting of the International Society for Biosafety Research (ISBR)