Notification procedures and tools for risk assessment and risk management

In Belgium, activities involving pathogenic and/or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can be performed only once they have been notified and authorised by the relevant Competent Authority(ies).

Different procedures apply depending on the type of activity and/or organism involved.

Please select the relevant category below to get further information about the notification procedures, as well as detailed tools to support the risk assessment and risk management of your activity.


Activities involving GMOs and/or pathogenic organisms in contained facilities such as laboratories, animal facilities, large scale production facilities, greenhouses or hospital rooms ("contained use")

vaccine1_0.jpg Clinical trials (in humans or in animals) with GMOs

Environmental releases of GMOs for experimental purposes (e.g. field trials with GM plants)

arton8527-260x170_0.jpg Commercialisation of GMO-based medicinal products for human or veterinary use

Commercialisation of GMOs for environmental release (e.g. cultivation) and/or as GM food or feed (including GMO-derived products)