Host organism: Cichorium intybus (Chicory)

herbicide tolerance (glufosinate)

Project title: 
Selection program of glufosinate tolerant chicory lines and families in view of the production of new synthetic varieties and tolerant hybrids
Year(s) of release: 
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Effective year(s) of release: 
Period of release: 
In 2002: Hérinnes, Warcoing / In 2003 and subsequent years: no trials
Total surface: 
In 2002: initially 2800 m2 but the total surface was reduced as 2 trials could not be carried due to the late final decision on this dossier.
Containment measures: 

The trials need to be carried out in accordance with the Belgian protocol for growing GM chicory valid for the year 2002. According to this protocol only root production is allowed under these conditions, seed production can only be carried out under physical containment conditions (greenhouse or pollen-free cages). Chicory is only tested during the vegetative stage. No flowering is allowed. The protocol also requests an isolation border of 5 m (e.g. naked soil, ryegras) to other non-GM trials of the Chicorium genus and 25 m to other non-GM commercialisation trials of the Chicorium genus. The isolation distance has to be kept in place until harvest. The seeds shall be packed in sealed boxes or packages of a colour distinctly different from that of other packages. The seeds will be transported in close vehicles. The sowing machine shall be emptied on the test field.

Monitoring measures: 

After the trial the fields will be followed up during 2 years. The first year after cultivation of chicory only a cereal can be cultivated. The second year all crops except plants of the Chicorium genus are allowed. Bolters and volunteer plants will be destroyed.


Authorization procedure completed. The notifier was granted authorization from the Federal Minister to perform the trial.

Type of procedure: 
Simplified procedure (first year) - Art. 9§3 of Royal Decree of 18 December 1998

Repetition of the dossier B/BE/95/WSP5. The activities of Warcoing also foresee the production of seeds but these will be carried out in a greenhouse (contained use). All the operations conducted during the trial will be recorded in a logbook, according to the protocol for growing GM chicory.

Information related to the decision procedure