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EU record number Company/Institution Host organism Project title Trait
B/BE/95/WSP4 Monsanto Sugar beet Multi-year field trial programme for the development of cultivated Beta vulgaris containing the Roundup Ready genes (glyphosate tolerance)

herbicide tolerance (glyphosate)

B/BE/95/VSP6 Plant Genetic Systems Oilseed rape Selection program of parental male sterile and restorer lines obtained through genetic engineering in order to produce oilseed rape hybrids.

male sterility, fertility restorer, herbicide tolerance (glufosinate)

B/BE/95/WSP5 Warcoing-Chicoline Chicory Selection program of glufosinate tolerant chicory lines and families in view of the production of new synthetic varieties and tolerant hybrids

herbicide tolerance (glufosinate)

B/BE/95/VSP9 AgrEvo Maize Zea mays; the use of glufosinate-ammonium against typical weed species under Belgian agricultural practices using a glufosinate-ammonium tolerant crop

herbicide tolerance (glufosinate)